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We value our patients' experience at Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Glenn Loebig
Your Great Falls Chiropractor

Dr. Loebig is unique in that he doesn't merely "see" patients. He becomes invested in his patients' condition. If you are not improving, he will ask questions and create a new plan of treatment. He won't give up on anyone. I feel completely confident that I am receiving the best and most current chiropractic care at Loebig.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Susan Porter


I have been going to Glenn for 17 years. I could not imagine seeing another chiropractor. After 17 years saying he is good at what he does is a given. More importantly it's about the trust and the personal attention he gives to each patient. It's about his patience, his genuine care and attention I see him give to every patient. DC is full of good doctors. I would highly recommend Dr. Loebig - I drive 45 minutes to see him and consider every minute worth it. 

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Christine Coleman


By far my best experience ever with Chiropractic care. As a PGA Golf Professional, I cannot afford to have an injury slow me down. Glenn keeps my back, neck and hip aligned allowing me a pain and injury free golf swing. At my age and time spent on the course, it is more important than ever. I have known Glenn for almost 20 years and cannot say enough good things about him and his professional staff!

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Chuck Will, PGA


Saw Dr. Alysha today as a first time patient of Loebig Chiropractic. Staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. I called for an appointment this morning and explained that I was experiencing a lot of pain in my mid back, the receptionist was able to get me in within an hour. I couldn't even stand up straight when I arrived at their office and just the drive there along was almost unbearable. Dr. Alysha didn't waste any time, diagnosed me and went right to work. Within a couple hours of my visit I already feel a drastic improvement from the previous couple days. Can't thank them enough.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Steve V.


Very clean, professional office and staff! I have been a patient with Dr. Loebig for nearly 20 years. I am always impressed with his knowledge to heal and help with problems in so many different areas. His long hours, long weekends and dedication to continuing education is very apparent in his practice. Thanks Doc!

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Dana Crummer


Glenn is the best! He really cares about helping his patients and his methods WORK! Regular adjustments keep me feeling good, but if any acute problems ever crop up, I have no problem getting in to see him for help. The whole staff and technicians at the office are also very friendly and professional.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Kathy Whittington


I came to see Glenn for a hip problem that was misdiagnosed by my HMO. My HMO prescribed increasing pain meds from pills to injections until the inevitable surgery. I came to the practice hoping to get a little relief. Glenn quickly found that I had a muscle issue, not a bone issue. After a few short weeks of treatments I was back to my normal activities. I biked to work today.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Kevin Foley


Dr. Loebig provides me with relief from years of severe lower back pain. In addition to receiving excellent care, going to this office is like visiting your family-- the staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly. If you a Chiropractic skeptic or have any kind of skeletal or muscle pain this is the place for you!

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Caren Toloczko


Dr. Loebig is a gifted, exceptional chiropractor; he and his office staff are friendly and caring. After diagnosing the problem/s, he fully explains the treatment plan -- it works!!! And, the mark of a true professional in my book, if he thinks other medical steps are needed (MRI, consult etc) he carefully explains that too.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Alison Stitzer


I highly recommend Glenn Loebig and his team. Over the past several years, they have helped me and my family members with any number of issues from neck pain to tennis elbow to plantar fasciitis. As well as Chiropractic care their office offers physical therapy and a great massage therapist. When I first started seeing Dr. Loebig I had suffered from neck pain for many years and had been to spinal specialists with no relief. After just one visit to Dr. Loebig I had immediate relief from pain.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Wendy Fox


Since more than thirty years, I have suffered from headaches. Dr. Loebig was the one whoe cured my migraine headaches without any medications. Instead, he taught me some exercises. I am still surprised at how easily he solved my problem. I am very thankful for what he did for me.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Mina Kondner


Absolutely exceptional operation with the most knowledgeable experts on back and neck pain and pain management. Dr. Loebig and his team take the time to learn the patient and prescribe a wholistic approach to treatment. Best I've felt in 20 years and I'm finally back to full activity level pain free.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Andrew Greene 


I have to say that Dr. Loebig is a life saver! I was told that I needed back surgery after get multiple pain injections and battling back issues for the past few years. I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk and my quality of life was almost non-existent. I went to see Dr. Loebig and after 4 weeks of decompression, laser and adjustments, I can say that I am like a new man!! I cannot thank Dr. Loebig and his staff enough for the quality, professionalism and treatment plan that they have used for me. If you have been told that you need surgery or you are not sure where to turn for your back or neck, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Loebig for a consultation, he is a true professional.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Jamey Charapp


I have been working on my knee and back issues for a year and a half. I repeatedly went to physical therapy and orthopedic doctors which included knee surgery. I also went to other Chiropractors for help. It was not until I saw Dr. Loebig that I began to feel relief from my symptoms. His combined treatments of adjustments, Laser therapy and soft tissue work have all helped me get back to a normal way of life. His staff is very friendly and work hard to make my visits efficient so that I get the maximum amount of time I need with Dr. Loebig.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Debbie Lupo


In our family we refer to Glenn as "Mr. Miyagi." Even when it hurts you always walk out the door feeling better whether it's a bad back, sprained ankle, carpal tunnel -- you name it! The most important thing is the compassion and concern he has for each and every patient he sees. He has even helped our family dog!

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient


Dr. Loebig is an extraordinary doctor who has talents which go beyond what you might see in most doctors. He listens and understands your health problems, is very empathetic, and can understand what a patient is going through in regards to pain and other symptoms. He is focused solely on the patient and completely committed to returning each person to health and the quality of life each of us deserves. My husband and I along with our 3 daughters gave been seeing Dr. Loebig for years. Returning me to a pain-free life after neck surgery, a broken wrist, and a rotator cuff injury, Dr. Loebig also has been the doctor who helped my daughters' become healthy and free of pain after numerous injuries and child-hood illnesses ranging from gymnastics, cheer-leading, and track. We each listen and now know when we need to see Dr. Loebig; our bodies tell us each time we are in need of good health.

Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab Patient, Tanya Spotts